August 2017
For some months now, the Dreaded Badoo group have been terrorizing residents of Ikorodu and Thank God the police are really working to end the madness.
Today, The Real Baddo was seen in a Photo with hundreds of Fans holding him as they all cheer up to take pics with young star.
Unlike the Dangerous Badoo when caught,  Angry mobs get them killed but this was different when mobs (Not angry, them no dey vex) saw the Talented & Original Baddo, they all tried to get a photo shot with him as they all strive joyously.
In what was defined as an Expensive Joke, Here is a photo of Olamide with mammoth crowd as he was seen about to go on Stage to kill the show as Usual.
See photo below:-

BE Sincere – What Were You Thinking When You Saw this News/Headline?
Make we no lie oo, See as them hold Olamide as if him be part of those Idiot.
Just in case this Post they vex you, Come and beat us   We dey our Office! 
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There are strong murmurs for the NYSC to be done away with.
The National Youth Service Corps was established in 1973.
General Yakubu Gowon in an attempt to work on the 3R principles (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation) created the NYSC scheme under Decree no. 24. This was three years after the civil war.
According to the Decree No.51 of June 16, 1993, the NYSC scheme was set up to achieve these objectives:-
a. To inculcate discipline in Nigerian youths by instilling in them a tradition of industry at work, and, of patriotic and loyal service to Nigeria in any situation they may find themselves;
b. To raise the moral tone of the Nigerian youths by giving them the opportunity to learn about higher ideals of national achievement, social and cultural improvement;
c. To develop in the Nigerian youths the attitudes of mind, acquired through shared experience and suitable training, which will make them more amenable to mobilisation in the national interest;
d. To enable Nigerian youths acquire the spirit of self reliance by encouraging them to develop skills for self employment;
e. To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy;
f. To develop common ties among the Nigerian youths and promote national unity and integration;
g. To remove prejudices, eliminate ignorance and confirm at first hand the many similarities among Nigerians of all ethnic groups; and
h. To develop a sense of corporate existence and common destiny of the people of Nigeria.
44 years after its establishment, there have been strong murmurs for the NYSC to be scrapped especially from young Nigerians. It is unlikely that the one-year mandatory service would be scrapped anytime soon as the debate still rages on.
For those who want the NYSC to be gone, here are five reasons why they feel it has no place in today’s Nigeria.

1. The NYSC has done nothing to accelerate the growth of the Nigerian economy or contributed much to it. The economy is still reeling from a recession and despite decades of its existence, there is no concrete data that NYSC contributes to the economy in whatever shape or form.
2. The ghost of Biafra still haunts Nigeria. The unfortunate rise of Nnamdi Kanu is a strong example that the NYSC has failed in its objective to unite Nigerians. Boko Haram, Niger-Delta militants and Arewa youths clearly show that Nigeria is far from united. Yes, inter-tribal marriages exist but tribal prejudices are still very strong in Nigeria.
3. Young Nigerians don’t need the NYSC to be self-reliant. Successive governments have ignored the youth by neglecting the educational system. Young Nigerians have learnt to be self-reliant a long time ago without the help of the government or NYSC.
4. A governmental scheme can’t teach morals. This is up to the job of families. The family is the smallest but strongest social group in a society. To fix morals in young people, you have to fix Nigerian families. This is another clear cut example of the government putting the cart before the horse. You learn morals when you are a child and not as a young adult.
5. The NYSC scheme has been used to create more teaching jobs. The unfortunate thing about this is that young Nigerians who have been exposed to sub-standard teaching over the years impart their half-baked learnings to children in dire need of a solid education. This is a case of the blind leading the blind.
Spending one year in mandatory service is outdated.
While our counterparts abroad start to do positive things from an early age, the Nigerian youth is bugged down by a horrible educational system and a mandatory one-year service to a country that has done nothing for them.
What do you think about the NYSC Programme – Do you want it Scrapped or Not?
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A video footage of two masquerades exchanging blow in the street of the commercial city of Lagos has emerged on social media and is already making rounds online.
Here’s the viral video of two masquerades spotted fighting, apparently for money.
The Hustle is real! 
Watch the Video below:-

Hello Everyone,
I am so sorry to tell you that “Money is the root of all evil” can’t be found in the scriptures. Can you imagine? Well, Continue reading to see more shocking discoveries.
Christianity has been around for over 2000 years and this a good thing, right?
Unfortunately, the ‘sad’ part is that it has had time to bleed into our vocabulary, so, now people have quotes and phrases that they think are from the Bible.
But, the truth is there are so many things that we think are Biblical but really aren’t.
Many of them that sound ‘Holy‘ are actually just paraphrases of the actual Bible verses.
Thus, here is a little Bible 101 to let you know which of these popular sayings do NOT exist in the scriptures.
1. Heaven Or God Help Those Who Help Themselves

How many times have we have pastors say this from the pulpit? At least, a million times, if we had to count. While this is an extremely popular Biblical-sounding saying, it might shock you to know this isn’t actually from the Bible. Here is what the Bible actually says about God helping us.
“For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly….But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:6, 8). See Proverbs 28:26 and Jeremiah 17:5 for more.
2. Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child

This totally sounds like something from the Bible, right? Shocker, it isn’t there. The below are as close as it gets to this popular statement:
“He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently” (Proverbs 13:24).
“Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline will remove it far from him” (Proverbs 22:15).
“Do not hold back discipline from the child, Although you strike him with the rod, he will not die.
You shall strike him with the rod, And rescue his soul from Sheol” (Proverbs 23:13-14).
“The rod and reproof give wisdom, But a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother” (Proverbs 29:15). Same principle, just different words.
3. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

I’m sorry to announce this isn’t in the Bible too. What the Bible really says is “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them (Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31).
4. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

We all know how popular this one is. Preachers say it all the time, our parents repeat it in a bid to get us to do our chores and we grow up saying it to the next generation. Sadly, this isn’t in the Bible.
This is actually a paraphrase of a passage that was coined by John Wesley. He was an 18th-century evangelist, who founded Methodism. Concerning the issue of cleanliness, the Bible says:
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).
“You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you” (John 15:3).
The subject of cleanliness is repeated in 2 Corinthians 7:1, James 4:8, and Ephesians 5:26-27.
5. God Works In Mysterious Ways

I know, I was just as surprised as you are to discover that this isn’t from the Bible. No one knows how this became a thing, although Blue Letter Bible reports that it may have originated from William Cowper’s hymn “God Moves in a Mysterious Way.”
See Deuteronomy 29:29 and Romans 8:28 for what the Bible says about God’s mysterious ways.
Other seemingly Biblical phrases that can’t be found in the God’s Word include “Money is the root of all evil” and “Pride comes before the fall.” (See 1 Timothy 6:10 and Proverbs 16:18).
‘So, how come we have so many common ‘Biblical’ sayings?’, I can hear someone ask.
The problem is that we are simply too dependent on others, our pastors, parents and so on.
So when they say something, we are inclined to just take it without actually doing any research of our own.
Thomas Kidd, a history professor at Baylor University in Texas, explains it best.
He said: “No matter if John Wesley or someone else came up with a wise saying – if it sounds proverbish, people figure it must come from the Bible.”
With that being said, I hope this article gives us that extra push to spend more time reading the Bible so we know what is and isn’t in it.
Which of these was the biggest shock for you? – Mine was “Heaven or God help those who help themselves
Drop your comemnts.

At least, four persons were feared killed on Wednesday, at Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State when a cooking gas exploded.
Several persons sustained injuries in the incident.
It was gathered the incident which happened at Trinity Gas Limited Station, at Obosi, occurred during refilling of gas to a customer’s cylinder.
The blast killed the gas station attendant and three others instantly, injuring scores at the scene.
An eyewitness, Nnaemeka Chidum, told newsmen the explosion scattered the bodies of the victims at the gas station to the extent that parts of their bodies could not be identified.
His words, “I was at the other side of the road when I heard a sound like bomb and fire from the gas station. I wanted to run when I heard the sound but feel down.
“After some time I stood up and saw people running towards the station. When I got there I saw many human parts scattered all over the place, many people were injured which I cannot count but they were rushed to hospital for treatment.” Chidum stated.
The state’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) ASP Nkeiruka Nwode, who confirmed the incident, said that four yet-to-be identified dead bodies, suspected to be customers, were killed by the explosion while many were injured.
He added that their bodies had been deposited at a mortuary at Obosi.
She said that the gas station has been cordoned off while investigation had commenced to ascertain the cause of the explosion, saying that the police would make the report public after the investigation.

Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend, American singer, Justine Skye tweeted a sarcastic question asking her followers where her husband is, and she got an epic reply from a Nigerian

Pop star Wizkid shared a photo of him embracing his rumoured girlfriend US singer Justine Skye on his Instagram page on September 11, 2016. And that was the beginning of their very brief relationship

20 years ago, Fela Anikulapo Kuti joined his ancestors and that year the world watched as almost a million people trek with his remains from Tafawa Balewa Square to his final rest place at Kalakuta.
Wednesday, August 2, marks his death anniversary and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka decided to shower the legend with praises.
He took to his Instagram page to reminisce the death of his younger cousin.
He wrote;
“The news came on my portable radio and it sounded so strange, a floating contradiction that was at once detached from, yet infused with the world from which I had myself just earned a lover’s rebuff. My young cousin, the ‘ abàmì èdá ‘ that the world knew as Fela, was dead. He had not yet attained his sixtieth year.
A naked torso over spangled pants, over which a saxophone or microphone would oscillate on stage, receiving guests or journalists in underpants while running down a tune from his head, in the open courtyard at rehearsals or in any space where he held court – all constituted the trademark of his unyielding non-conformism. Far more revealing than such skimpy attire, however, was his skin-taut skull and bulging eyes, permanently bloodshot from an indifferent sleeping routine and a dense smoke diffusion. His singing voice was raspy, not intended to entice but arrest with trenchant messages.
Sparse and lithe, Fela leaped about the stage like a brown, scalded cat, whose miaow was a rustle of riffs eased from a saxophone that often seemed better maintained than his own body. Fela loved to buck the system. His music, too many was both salvation and echo of their anguish, frustrations and suppressed aggression. The black race was the beginning and end of knowledge and wisdom, his life mission, to effect a mental and physical liberation of the race. It struck me as a kind of portent – that it was while
visiting this distant outpost of my home, Abéòkúta, in Westmoreland, propelled – but quite soberly, objectively – by thoughts of death of that other musician member of my family – the irrepressible maverick, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.”
Fela Kuti was born on October 15, 1938 and died August 2, 1997. He spent his life entertaining people and criticizing the inhumane policies of Nigerian government.
May his soul continue to rest in peace.
Roc Nation star, Tiwa Savage has finally acknowledge her mantle as the queen of music in Africa, a fact that has been backed by tons of seals and awards.
She took to social media to thank her stylist for making her pretty in her new video, ‘Informate’ and in the process declared herself, ‘QueenT’

The bizarre photo of a dead food vendor who was made to look like she was preparing food, during her lying-in-state, has surfaced and subsequently gone viral..
According to reports, the woman was supposedly a food vendor when she was alive somewhere in Ghana..
Instead of lying in an open casket while people walk around to take a final glimpse at the corpse while saying their goodbyes, mourners were treated to a ‘larger than life’ experience..
The deceased woman’s body was set up to look like she was cooking in her kitchen.
She was dressed in printed wax, propped up with her pots, mortar and pestle.

Actress Tonto just took to her IG page to respond to her former benefactor who called her our for abandoning her.See what she wrote blow;
Hi Adaslim,
First how are you? Hope you are great,life and family?
I got your message and am here to tell you that you have been played..I have and will never talk about you negativitely..
You did a great deal of good for me and I always told people your movie was my first,Maybe sometimes I didn’t say it but that’s not to mean I hate you or don’t appreciate you..
It’s clear you are bitter about some thing but Am sorry for the hurt you feel but note I never talked about you,Am not that kinda girl and you know this…If I have anything to say I will say it to your face,You were a great person to me and you forgot you housed me too to the list of things you did for me.
I can’t remember having your car in my possession nor owing you or having your clothes with me but IF I TRUELY DO PLEASE BIG SIS SEND ME THE BILL.God has bless me now and am super grateful,You were God sent to me 10years back and Today I can only thank you for letting God use you on my journey..
You ruined the chance of a Meet and greet when you made this a public thing but in all big sis
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Donald Trump’s tenure as President of the United States has been marked by several incidents ranging from hilarious to downright scary.
Many are concerned about the US and also worried about the possibility of airstrikes or just American power and influence, which has risen in recent times.
Thirty countries were surveyed by Pew Research Center in 2013 and 2017 to see if US power and influence poses a major threat to their country.
Many people also feel threatened by ISIS and climate change, the condition of the global economy, cyberattacks, and refugees from countries like Iraq and Syria.
Below is the list:-

The Tottenham manager says Morata was not prepared to be Kane’s back-up and went back to Real Madrid before moving to Stamford Bridge this summer.
But Pochettino’s revelation keeps his battle with Chelsea manager Antonio Conte simmering ahead of the new Premier League campaign.
The Italian angered the Spurs manager last week for talking about his admiration for Kane before questioning the Argentinian’s ambition.
Pochettino said:
“Morata talked about myself, in the media he said ‘Mauricio called me’. That was from the beginning, two years ago or more.
“He said to me: ‘Why do you want me if you have Harry Kane?’.
“You know, if you go to try to sign a striker, they will say ‘Eh gaffer, you want me for what? To be on the bench? Because it’s Harry Kane, I can’t compete with Harry Kane or Hugo Lloris or different players.’”

A Catholic Priest,Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet, today resigned from the catholic priesthood. He made the disclosure, during a live Radio Program on Planet FM in Uyo.
According to him, due to his divine calling, he has been facing all levels of condemnation from the Church hierarchy. He therefore conclude that for him to be free to continue with his Divine calling, he must give way to the priesthood because he had sworn to be loyal and law abiding to the Catholic priesthood and the Church hierarchy.
“From Today Henceforth, I cease to be a Catholic Priest, in my spirit and in my soul… I forgive those who will criticize me, I live for God…I seek freedom for my soul. As I leave, I leave smiling, I AM SO HAPPY THAT I AM FREE,” he added

Punch reported that controversy trails the whereabouts of an Alhaji Alaka Abayomi who was on Monday arrested in connection with the attack on a family of five said to be carried out by the infamous Badoo cult.
Alaka, who is known to be an independent oil marketer, owner of Alaka Petroleum, was arrested alongside two others, according to Punch.
Alaka led a team of officials from the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team, Rapid Response Squad, Special Anti-Robbery Squad and the task force personnel, to his shrine in the Agbowa area of Ikorodu.
The shrine was housed on a large expanse of land bordered by what the police termed a “thick bush.”
The Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer Olarinde Famous-Cole in a statement said:
The team, which was led by the Commissioner of Police, represented by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, uncovered the shrine of the dreaded cult terrorising residents of Ikorodu.
The team had earlier arrested one Alhaji Alaka Abayomi, a resident of Magodo, and he has been linked to the cult and the recent murder of the Adejare family of five, who were attacked in their one-bedroom apartment in Oke Ota, Ibeshe Ikorodu.
The suspect confessed to know others, who own shrines in the area and led the police to the cult’s shrine in Agbowa town.
Different ritual objects and charms were recovered in each of the five buildings in the compound which was fenced with charms to scare away intruders. The compound was always under lock and key. The police also made two different arrests as surveillance has been heightened.
However, on Tuesday, when Punch visited the suspect’s house, his security said he has been released by the police.
The security said Alaka was released earlier on Tuesday morning but was not home at the time of visit. He requested for the number of the correspondent, promising to give it to Alaka.
Alaka called the correspondent Tuesday evening and said he had been released by the police as they did not have enough evidence to hold him. He said:
Am at home now; you can come now. How did people arrive at the name Badoo? Nobody knows those who are perpetrating the attacks. I have been living in Ikorodu for over 30 years and everybody knows me. I am into oil and gas.
I use the shrine for healing different ailments. I took the police there. They didn’t allow journalists to interview me and they didn’t take my statement. I will sue the police for blackmailing me.
Let them bring out any exhibit found in the shrine or in my house. Why did they release me if indeed I have connection with Badoo? They said investigation would continue.
When Olarinde Famous-Cole was contacted after the phone call, he said the suspect was in police custody assisting policemen with the Badoo investigation. He said:
He is assisting the police with investigations. Through investigations, we discovered that hoodlums in the area wanted to start protests. And it is possible that the evidence that may be used against him and others may be destroyed at the shrine, his home or place of business.
We have gone to secure all those things, with the suspect in our custody. We will get back to you on what we have done. The suspect is still in our custody, but was told to go and protect those evidences with investigators.

The snake has swallowed the pig: Barcelona have finally confirmed and gone ahead to release a statement corroborating the peddling rumours of Neymar’s imminent departure to French giants PSG.
“The player Neymar Jr, accompanied by his father and agent, has informed FC Barcelona this morning of his decision to leave the club in a meeting held at the club’s offices.
“Faced with this position, the club has informed them they refer to the buy-out clause of his existing contract which as of 1 July totals €222million which will have to be deposited in its entirety. The statement from Barcelona read.
Naijaloaded Sport lists 5 Things That Will Happen As The 25-Year Old Bids Goodbye To A Club He Won So Many Trophies with:
1- Neymar Will Improve His New Club PSG And Win Many Trophies!
Neymar’s quality can not be understated. His influence in Barcelona despite playing second fiddle to Lionel Messi saw him register 122 goals in 226 appearances for the club.
Neymar’s tricks; play making ability and dribbling skills are reminiscent of Brazil legendRonaldinho.
With a world class star like Neymar joining the fray, expect PSG’s domination in theFrance Ligue 1 to continue.
2- He And Messi Will Fight For The Ballon D’ Or!
One of the alleged reason for Neymar’s exit from Barcelona is, the Brazilian is fed up of playing second hand to Messi.
The self confident Neymar is reportedly anxious to win the biggest individual award for a footballer- The Ballon D’ Or, a feat he won’t accomplish staying at Barcelona, especially with Messi recently signing a new contract.
In PSG however, Neymar will be granted the freedom to run his show.

3- Suarez  Might Ask To Leave Barcelona Too!
Now this is just speculations but anything is possible in football.
With the astute Neymar asking to leave Barcelona to build his own brand after years of playing back seat to Messi, Suarez, equally a very talented player, could ponder such decision in the future.
4- Barcelona Will Struggle To Fill The Neymar Void!
The fearful trio of Neymar, Messi And Suarez will be reduced to shreds in the coming season.
Barcelona will struggle to replace the ever vibrant Neymar- There are whispers ofLiverpool’s Coutinho joining the La Liga giants but he will never replicate his industrious efforts.
5- Barcelona Will Be Smiling To The Bank Still!
Neymar’s move to Paris Saint-Germain will cost a total of £352million in wages and transfer fees. The Brazilian will be paid over £500,000-a-week, £26m-a-year.
Barca bought Neymar from Santos FC for £71.5 million and getting £352million in return is mad footballing business.
Barcelona will be smiling to the bank, still.
Written by Femi for

Can Barcelona Survive Without Neymar? Will Neymar Make Waves In PSG?? Drop Your Comments!!

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